Service Times

Join us for worship and education on Sundays:

Assistive Listening

nullThe speaker amplification system in the sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall includes an induction loop system. If you have an assistive listening device, please turn it to the T-position or see your audiologist for help.

You can also use one of our discrete over-the-ear systems for free, just ask an usher.

If you don't use a hearing aid (or have a hearing aid that doesn’t have T-coil capability) we have also have loop receivers with an ear-piece, just like a Walkman; just ask the usher for one as you come in.

Using the loop receiver is easy: put the lanyard over your head so the loop receiver is oriented vertically in front of you, slip the ear-piece on your ear, and then adjust the volume. The red light on the loop receiver lets you know everything is working correctly.

All of the pews in the Sanctuary are in the coverage zone, so you can sit wherever you like. The coverage also extends to the Fellowship Hall, so be sure to turn on your T-coil for Education Hour, AIC, and congregational meetings, too.